I have always loved Tarkovsky’s cinema. The first Tarkovsky’s film that I saw was „Andrey Rublyov“ and it was a fulguration. At the time I still lived in my hometown in Province of Palermo and these very particular films would never arrive to my hometown. They often would not arrive not even to the closest city, which is Palermo. „Andrey Rublyov“ arrived. I believe it was for two days in the programme in the „Cinema d’essai“ [experimental cinema] and I took a coach to go and see it. And even today I have the chills from the emotion. Then I saw all the others that I could.

       I always loved his cinema, very much – it has alway provoked huge emotions. In that film that he shot in Italy, I belive it was „Nostalghia“, the scene with the man that needs to go across… with the candle lit… it is one of the most exciting things in my life. Great cineaste, great… One of his first films I have seen after seeing most of the others, „Ivan’s Childhood“, that won in Venice. I saw it many films after. Great, great poet of cinema… Great…

7th April 2013, Porretta Terme Film Festival

Click here to listen to the audio recording.

Tornatore @ Berlinale 2013

Giuseppe Tornatore @ Berlinale 2013

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